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Journey to the Heart of the Internet


Dive into the world that brings you
Instagram, Netflix and Snapchat!

The following field trips are free. They are designed for teens to discover
how data moves to and through everyday games, websites and apps.

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Friday August 23rd

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Open to all teens

Is the Internet Made out of Light?

Visit the innovative company that builds 'Internet transporters' for carriers like Rogers, Bell and Telus. Take part in fun workshops and discover the physical world that helps connect your smartphone to the Internet!

Thursday August 22nd

9:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Girls-only edition

Montreal to London, Tokyo and back!

Visit the closest point in Montreal to Europe (via undersea cables!) in a top-secret data centre, followed by a fun workshop and lunch at Google.

Journey to the Heart of the Internet is an independent field trip program run and designed by E2 Adventures for teenagers aged 13 to 16.    Each event explores how the world is changing today and what teens can do about it, through subjects such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things, data networking, electronics waste, entrepreneurship and cybersecurity. We developed this program in partnership with Concertation Montréal, with the support of the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation, and McGill Explorations. Several school boards and women's STEM groups have benefited from this initiative.

Please click the "MORE INFO" button for event and sign up details. Write us at if your preferred event is full and we will alert you to the next available opportunities. For questions, comments or if you would like to volunteer, please reach our program organiser Gregory Frank by emailing or calling 514-996-7781 from 12:30pm to 2pm or 4:00pm to 6:30pm during weekdays.



What past participants have said about their
Journey to the Heart of the Internet


"I always imagined that I would have a career working with animals. This outing changed my vision of things.... This outing allowed me to open my horizons and thanks to this experience, I started coding, I went to "girls & code" program and I am now considering a possible career in this world."

Laurianne, age 15

"Surprisingly, I really liked our visit. I say surprisingly, because I'm not the best when it comes to technology. Whether it's learning about it or working with it, I'd say I'm terrible with it. But at Urbacon, I was really motivated to learn more. The activities were fun. I would definitely want to relive that day if I could."

Saema, age 14


"Thank you for this amazing visit. I was really happy that I got the opportunity to visit Urbacon and Google. The games we played were really fun! I learned a lot of new things, like about artificial intelligence. I was really impressed with myself by [learning] all those things. Thank you again to the guides, with the wish of having another [...] amazing visit with you guys."

Massuma, age 14


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Journey to the Heart of the Internet

March & August 2020

The Future of the Internet

Visit the behind-the-scenes of labs and top-security research hubs where researchers are developing technology for the New Internet.

Power Up!

Visit the awesome data center that stores tons of your data, then learn how much energy Instagram and Bitcoin use at the power plant next door.

Skyscraper Backbones

Visit the company that controls what Internet signals come into Canada and which ones leave. This is the world of critical infrastructure cybersecurity that keeps hackers out and YouTube in!

How does the Internet Work?

Visit Montreal's largest data center and meet the team working on building Africa's new Internet infrastructure.

The Internet is Made out of Light

Visit the innovative company that builds Internet transporters for Rogers, Bell, Telus and Videotron. Discover the physical world that brings you the Internet, at the tap of a "Hey Siri!".

Montreal to London, Tokyo and back!

Visit the closest point in Montreal to Europe (via undersea cables!) in a top-secret data centre, followed by a visit to a famous, international tech company.

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If I could relive this day, I would be the first to volunteer!

Mia, aged 14

It was really perfect. Thank you for this unforgettable day!

Yassmine, aged 15

It was a really fun experience. I learned new things like where all instagram's account are stored in and about artificial intelligence. Hopefully, you and your team will organize more visits like these to fulfill more girls' interest!

Najmuna, aged 14


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