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Canada's National Field Trip Library

Canada's National Field Trip Library makes it easier for teachers and teens to experience the real world. E2 Adventures is rallying Canada's greatest businesses together, training their employees, and cataloguing all experiential learning opportunities on this website for public benefit.

The "E2 Adventures" Field Trips section below lists the experiences currently presented in this website's Program tab (see the menu bar above). All field trips implicate multiple school disciplines, from STEM to social sciences and projects touched upon in class. They serve to inspire students to increase their academic performance, personal development and community engagement.

The second section details the publicly accessible field trip programs that have been established without E2 Adventures' assistance, which we are proud to promote.

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Independent Experiential Learning Programs

These are the 6 curriculum-aligned, behind-the-scenes visit programs that Québec industry currently offers:

Hydro Québec's Hydroelectric Dam

Visit one of the world's largest hydropower facilities. Open from September to April. For more information visit: http://www.hydroquebec.com/visit/monteregie/beauharnois.html

Rio Tinto Alcan's Aluminum Refinery

Visit Canada's largest aluminum smelter, based in Sept-Îles. Open from July to August. For more information visit: https://www.alouette.com/en/contact-us/facility-tours

Cascades' Toilet Paper Factory

Visit Cascades' leading factories at their headquarters in Kingsey Falls. Open year-round. For more information visit: https://www.cascades.com/en/guided_tours/

Waste Connections' technical landfill

Visit one of Quebec's most popular landfills at 350 visits per year! Sadly, they are at capacity. That is why E2 Adventures has created visit programs with Quebec's largest landfill operator for so people can learn where our waste goes and the falconists (!) that help manage it (see our website's Program section). For more information: https://www.complexenviroconnexions.com/nos-services/programme-mobius/

Groupe TIRU's Recycling Centre

Visit Montreal's main triage center that sells your recyclables to the world's factories. Please let us know if they are now only accepting college students (as advertised on their website) and we will work with them or other players to open recyclers' doors to youth: http://tohu.ca/en/services/environmental-guided-tours/

Ubisoft's Video Game Design Studio

Visit one of Montreal's major video game design studios. Open year-round. For more information visit: https://montreal.ubisoft.com/en/our-engagements/education/highschool-and-cegep/school-trips/

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