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E2 Adventures Partners


Financial Partners

These are the visionaries who financially support E2 Adventures, North America's first non-profit to democratize access to

behind-the-scenes experiences.

Participating Companies

These are some of the companies with whom we have co-designed hundreds of field trip programs.

Schools Boards Served

These are the school boards and associations that benefit from educational opportunities in Canada's behind-the-scenes, so far.

Educational Resource Partners

These are the organizations that offer curriculum-aligned workshops, projects and extra-curricular activities to complement E2's field trip program.

Financial Sponsors

This initiative would be impossible without the visionaries at Domestic Converters, the CCIMN and the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation who, through their generous support, have opened hundreds of youth and teachers' eyes to the inspirations of Canada's greatest innovators.


Participating Companies

These companies are leading North America's revolution in experiential education. These 70 companies across dozens of industries lead North America's first interdisciplinary field trips combining mathematics, the sciences, social sciences and languages.


School Boards Served

E2 Adventures impacts teachers and teens in every Montreal school board. Our programs are currently extending to Laval, the North Shore, the South Shore, Quebec City and Ontario. Our vision is to provide access to these unique educational opportunities to all Canadian youth.


Educational Resource Partners

E2 Adventures' real-world programs are offered in conjunction with publicly accessible programs that benefit teachers and teens, in and out of the classroom.

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