Engage Teens During COVID-19

LiveSTEAMs are live virtual field trips for teens to explore how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math* come to life in the real world.

Schools are live streamed inside dynamic companies addressing today’s challenges. Teens explore operational sites and interact with the experts developing vaccines for COVID-19, using AI to optimize robotics, converting
forestry waste into biofuels and more.

*Geography and contemporary world bridge STEM and the arts, which includes Language Arts.


Connect from anywhere

Teens at home and in class can participate simultaneously and learn together


Explore a ventilator manufacturer and visit a research lab, all in the course of one hour

Real-time engagement

Teens interact with experts and educators at every stage as the experience unfolds

Teachers save

time and work

All experiences are cross-disciplinary and integrate with existing lesson plans

Enhanced Teaching

Guest educators demonstrate STEM concepts in action and engage teens with curriculum

Asynchronous Resources

All videos are uploaded for use in classrooms after the interactive live experience

Move forward immediately

Teens and teachers receive actionable resources for themselves and their classrooms

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Google supports our educational mission to open the world for young minds to explore


New LiveSTEAM experiences posted every month!

LiveSTEAM dates will be announced Friday, September 18th 2020.

Experiences run bi-monthly as of Thursday, October 15th 2020.

All experiences are cross-disciplinary and last one hour. 

Educational materials posted two weeks before each LiveSTEAM:

Mathematics | Science | Language Arts | Geography | Cont. World

Beating COVID-19: The Race for the Vaccine

Live exploration of the laboratories and factories fighting to develop and roll out a vaccine while COVID-19 rages on.

Roll Rush: The Toilet Paper Revolution

Live exploration of the forests and factories that fed humanity's most interesting panic-buying behaviours in a century.

Respirez-Vous: Ventilators and Life-Saving Equipment

Live exploration of the factories developing and creating ventilators for the hospitals hit hardest.

How the World is Changing

Live exploration of the automated operations at the forefront of the next industrial revolution, that will change everything.

Reach for the Sky!

Live exploration of the spaces that design, create and maintain one of humanity’s greatest marvels: the aircraft

Where Video Games Come From

Live creation of a video game with input from the audience, and exploration to a computer component manufacturer.



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Heather Mcpherson, Phd

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

School Board

"You provided a field trip that extends the curriculum and incorporates active learning with technology and science, reinforcing what we’ve done all year, and engaging kids who we are losing. Students who I hadn’t heard from since the beginning of this crisis logged on!"


Marie-Josée Lépine

Centre de services scolaire de Montréal

"E2 Adventures is the only organisation in Quebec that links math, science and technology courses with behind-the-scenes visits to the industrial world, where engineering and R&D come to life. They succeed in transforming the real world into a classroom. Their programs are an essential part of the high school curriculum."


Caroline Belina

English Montreal

School Board

"I think it’s important for students to realize what’s going on in society, and not just stay closed in their four walls at home. The more they are informed, the more they experience, despite the fact that they are behind their screens, it’s a value-added education."


Tu-Anh Nguyen

Centre de services scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys

"Industry field trips have allowed me to think like an engineer and encourage my students to write about global issues and analyze them from systems perspectives. I firmly believe it is essential to provide more field trips in STEM for Quebec’s schools. The world is changing very fast, and teachers are still using examples from the 20th century."

Smiling Man with Glasses
Smiling Businessman
Happy Young Man
Young Woman with Curly Hair

Amy R., 12 years old

Grade 7

"It was amazing, and very interactive!”

John G., 14 years old

Grade 8

"I was surprised to see that companies were contributing to help with the pandemic in their own ways."

Jill T., 15 years old

Grade 9

“We were not just students sitting behind a screen; we were truly on a field trip.”

Alex R., 14 years old

Grade 8

"Students don't usually get to see things like that because it would be hard to bring a class in. Thank you for letting us be a part of this great experience!"


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