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Interdisciplinary Professional Development for Teachers

Annual teacher training program that improves student success

Enhances content knowledge and inquiry-based learning approach

Builds interdisciplinary bridges with other disciplines and departments


Why is Behind-the-Scenes

Teacher Training so effective?

Professional Development through Experiential Learning

What is the relationship between the subject you teach and how the world is changing? These experiences allow you and your colleagues uncover how the real world and its most recent innovations relate to your respective disciplines’ progression of learning. Additionally, participants build useful connections with other teachers' subjects, making this a true interdisciplinary experience. These professional development workshops bridge:

Geography, Ethics, Math, History, Technology, Chemistry, Contemporary World, Physics, Careers, Arts, and Languages.

Teacher training experiences are exclusive to teachers (no students are invited!) and open to single or multiple schools' faculties. Workshops take place in locations with significant educational value: space research centres, automated factories, innovation labs, and other behind-the-scenes locations. Our educational consultants have trained company representatives and designed dynamic, curriculum-aligned programs in over 70 companies specifically geared for educators.

Participants will improve their students’ academic achievement and ability to succeed in the modern world. Strengthening your content knowledge and deepening your critical perspective on the experts and technologies shaping today's world will better prepare your students. All professional development programs are curriculum-aligned and based on inquiry and problem-based learning.

Research Says Professional Development Based on Content Knowledge is the Way Forward 

In a landmark study, Michael Garet from the American Institute for Researchers led a team of educational researchers to ask over 1,000 math and science teachers what makes professional development effective for their practice as teachers. The #1 answer was content knowledge, followed by opportunities for active learning and coherence with other learning activities.

The importance and effectiveness of workshops based on interdisciplinary content is echoed by the American Educational Research Association (Closing the gap: High achievement for students of color, 2004), researchers David Cohen and Heather Hill (State policy and classroom performance: Mathematics reform in California, 1998), and many others.

Ten years ago, the LBPSB school board in Quebec commissioned a mass professional development field trip program for 250 math and science teachers and consultants to strengthen content knowledge through visits to the behind-the-scenes of STEM-related companies on a Ped Day. The result: 95% of teachers wanted to repeat the experience and implicate their classrooms the following year.

Sadly, the initiative did not continue. Despite the incredible educational value felt by the program’s participants, planning workshops en masse was deemed too time intensive for the project team, who ran the project on a voluntary basis. An organization specialized in this important experience therefore needed to be created. Years later, E2 Adventures was born.

E2 Adventures and Canada's Teachers

E2 Adventures’ unique professional development program is the only program of its kind in North America. It was founded in 2016 in a school landscape with extremely limited access to experiential education in the real world. Our programming is open to all school boards and teachers. We are a non-partisan, independent non-profit that remains focused on delivering top-quality professional development programming for educators across Canada in their local communities.

Environmental degradation, technological innovation and social welfare are some of the worrying global trends that can glimpsed at from the behind-the-scenes of society. Given how fast industry is changing the world in these ways, we urge teachers to take advantage of these learning opportunities and help prepare their students for an uncertain future... through the curriculum!



We are proud that 100% of teachers anonymously say they want to embark on more professional development workshops with E2 Adventures after each experience. Here is what some teachers shared with us afterwards:


"The experience at Bombadier Aerospace was eye-opening and impressive. We saw how the cockpit of an aeroplane is built. Along every step of the process, I kept thinking how relevant this was for our students and how it links perfectly to the Science and Technology curriculum.

A tour to a facility such as Bombardier will be beneficial to our students and educators. It will make learning fun and meaningful as they can make connections from the classroom to the real world. Some topics can only be covered through the textbook. During our visit, these abstract concepts came to life.

A tour to one of the many industries in Montreal can spark the students' interest in Science and Technology allowing them to pursue a career in this field, something that is very difficult to do in the classroom. Before this visit, I did not realize the vast educational opportunities Montreal has to offer. E2 Adventures makes these opportunities possible.

As educators, we are always in search of making learning fun and meaningful. Accessing information today is quick and easy. Students can find answers to questions with a click of a button. However, a tour to a facility will be an enriching learning experience that will enhance their understanding and interest in Science and Technology."

Fotini Papachronis

Science teacher at Beurling Academy


"It is with great pleasure that I accept to testify to the relevance and interest felt following the visit to Bombardier Aerospace. Our guide, Michel, a very friendly man, was very generous: we were treated to an exhaustive visit full of relevant information that made us realize the complexity of a large company and the different roles that people have to assume: from workers to managers, technicians, engineers, etc.

To tell you the truth, this was not my first visit to a factory or company related to science and technology. At the school where I teach, Louis-Riel (CSDM), the Galileo program, which focuses on science, emphasizes visits related to careers in science and engineering.

For me, it is therefore normal for a teacher, at least once in his or her career, to visit a company with the objective, for example, of seeing the importance of the content taught but also, perhaps, to enrich his or her teaching with concrete examples, regardless of the subject taught. That is how I felt during this visit.

When I think back to my own academic background, I remember that I would have liked to visit some workplaces and learn more about some professions in order to make an informed career choice more quickly. It is indeed difficult to choose an area that we have never heard of, and your program is part of an approach that I consider essential and that greatly reflects our local program in Louis-Riel.

I already see future collaborations that are informative and motivating for teachers and their students! For my part, I consider them lucky to be able to live these experiences!

We look forward to working with you again!"

Francis D’Amboise

Mathematics teacher and coordinator of the Galileo program (2nd cycle) at Louis-Riel School, CSDM


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