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Programs for Teens and Classes

Behind-the-scenes experiences help teens better understand the world they live in and their potential contribution.

All programs easily integrate to existing lesson plans, implicate multiple disciplines (STEM, social sciences, languages), and are fun, hands-on learning experiences.


How to navigate this page: Browse the programs below and select the ones that best support your lesson plans.

We will then work together to arrange a tailored experience for your students.

Section #1:

Field Trips for Specific Subjects

Teachers often want support for specific subjects (like trigonometry and immigration) or projects (like creating a film). Whatever the case, there is a real, inspiring program we will design for your group.

Section #2:

Global Issue Field Trips

Global issues can be felt and debated in society's behind-the-scenes. Debate cybersecurity at data centres, clearcutting at pulp & paper mills, oil exploration at refineries and more, for any issue.

Section #3:

Industry Field Trips

The world is changing, and quickly. Meet the shakers and movers from each major industry, from pharma to aerospace. Teens learn how the big picture relates to their personal, school and future lives.

Section #4:

Field Trip Festivals

Field Trip Festivals are themed open house events for our world's behind-the-scenes. Reserve one, or reserve all. First come, first served! 


Field Trip Festivals

Journey to the Heart of the Internet

August 19th to 30th, 2019

Dive into the heart of the Internet and the world that brings us Instagram, Netflix and Snapchat. Teens discover how data and the people who manage it bring us the apps we love so much. Through dynamic activities, participants are exposed to leaders in entrepreneurship, photonics, 5G deployment, the Internet of Things, data networking, electronics waste and cybersecurity.

Sports Week Festival

October 28th to November 1st, 2019

The world of sports does not only exist on the field, court or rink. Witness how equipment like kayaks, skates and sticks are made, or how NHL jerseys are designed. Learn how Olympians train or how Saputo Stadium works from their behind-the-scenes, with invited sports experts who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

(Registration begins September 2019)

Earth Week Festival

March 16th to 22nd, 2020

"Out of sight and out of mind" no more! The producer of one of the world's most-watched series on waste will take you on a unique journey through the world that brings us waste. Discuss fast fashion with the people who make the actual clothing; discuss ocean health with plastics manufacturers and dive into the oil & gas industry to ask: "Why do we burn so much oil? Is there anything I can do about it?"

(Registration begins October 2019)

24h de Sciences

April 6th to 24th, 2020

Did you know that most of the money that Quebec spends on research and development goes to industry? That means: if you don't have access to the innovations in society's behind-the-scenes, you're living in the past. Meet the future through exclusive visits to space centres, research laboratories, innovation sites and more

(Registration begins January 2020)


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