We are proud that 100% of teachers and teens anonymously say they want to embark on more behind-the-scenes visits to industry with E2 Adventures after every experience. Here is what some participants had to say:

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"It was amazing."

Sec IV student, Royal West Academy

"E2 Adventures is nailing the Progression of Learning on its head."

Heather McPherson, science educator, SWLSB, and PhD Candidate, McGill University

"It was easier to teach my students the material after the visit because we saw it in action."

Margaret Janiszewski, math educator, EMSB

"It links perfectly to the Science and Technology curriculum."

Fotini Papachronis, science educator, LBPSB


Noura Helal, math and chemistry educator, SWLSB

"I thought technology taking over jobs was a myth! I will probably have to choose a career that won't be replaced."

Sec II student, Vincent Massey Collegiate

"This is real education!"

Garen, Sec III student, Laval Senior Academy

"It was phenomenal. This trip has literally covered every aspect of the W.O.T.P."

Marco Chioda, SWLSB Science Teacher for WOTP program

"Thank you for making math understandable!"

Sec II student, Vincent Massey High School

"This outing allowed me to open my horizons. Thanks to this experience, I started to code and I'm now considering a possible career in this domain."

Sec III student, École secondaire Marguerite-De Lajemmerais

"I always wondered how each of the "control panels" of an aircraft worked. To be able to fly one was sensational."

Sec IV student, École secondaire Louis-Riel

"Today's visit allowed us to see and to wonder at the great complexity of a production plant. and to make connections with our students about the relevance of the learning done in class."

Francis, math educator, CSDM

"I really appreciated being chosen for this outing. If I could do it again, I would be first to volunteer."

Sec III student, École secondaire Marguerite-De Lajemmerais

"It is interesting to see how our school material is used in the different stages of production."

Ann, math educator, CSDM

"These trainings are well linked to the content of the QEP for a better explanation of the concepts and their use."

Tahar, science educator, CSDM

"Thank you very much for allowing us to have this experience. It is very inspiring."

Éliana, science educator, CSDM

"Je me suis toujours imaginée avoir une carrière dans le domaine animalier. Cette sortie a changé ma vision des choses. J’ai pu découvrir un nouveau monde dans lequel je pourrais avoir ma place. J’ai observé qu’il y avait beaucoup d’antennes téléphoniques partout dans la ville. [À] la visite à Urbacon [...] j’ai découvert les codes binaires. L’établissement où se situe Google m’a étonnée car je me promenais souvent sur cette rue sans même savoir qu’il était à côté. Rendue à l’intérieur, j’ai apprécié à quel point c’était un endroit coloré et vivant. Je connaissait déja l’intelligence artificielle et son fonctionnement général mais j’en ai appris beaucoup sur la cybersécurité et sur l’installation de cables pour l’accès à l’internet. [...] Cette sortie m’a permis d’ouvrir mes horizons et grâce à cette expérience, j’ai commencé à faire du codage, je suis allée à « filles & code » et j’envisage maintenant une possible carrière dans cet univers."


Élève au 4e secondaire à la CSDM

Participante du programma NovaScience en partenariat avec Concertation Montréal


"It is with great pleasure that I accept to testify to the relevance and interest felt following the visit to Bombardier Aerospace. Our guide, Michel, a very friendly man, was very generous: we were treated to an exhaustive visit full of relevant information that made us realize the complexity of a large company and the different roles that people have to assume: from workers to managers, technicians, engineers, etc.

To tell you the truth, this was not my first visit to a factory or company related to science and technology. At the school where I teach, Louis-Riel (CSDM), the Galileo program, which focuses on science, emphasizes visits related to careers in science and engineering.

For me, it is therefore normal for a teacher, at least once in his or her career, to visit a company with the objective, for example, of seeing the importance of the content taught but also, perhaps, to enrich his or her teaching with concrete examples, regardless of the subject taught. That is how I felt during this visit.

When I think back to my own academic background, I remember that I would have liked to visit some workplaces and learn more about some professions in order to make an informed career choice more quickly. It is indeed difficult to choose an area that we have never heard of, and your program is part of an approach that I consider essential and that greatly reflects our local program in Louis-Riel.

I already see future collaborations that are informative and motivating for teachers and their students! For my part, I consider them lucky to be able to live these experiences!

We look forward to working with you again!"

Francis D’Amboise

Mathematics teacher and coordinator of the Galileo program (2nd cycle) at Louis-Riel School, CSDM


"The experience at Bombadier Aerospace was eye-opening and impressive. We saw how the cockpit of an aeroplane is built. Along every step of the process, I kept thinking how relevant this was for our students and how it links perfectly to the Science and Technology curriculum.

A tour to a facility such as Bombardier will be beneficial to our students and educators. It will make learning fun and meaningful as they can make connections from the classroom to the real world. Some topics can only be covered through the textbook. During our visit, these abstract concepts came to life.

A tour to one of the many industries in Montreal can spark the students' interest in Science and Technology allowing them to pursue a career in this field, something that is very difficult to do in the classroom. Before this visit, I did not realize the vast educational opportunities Montreal has to offer. E2 Adventures makes these opportunities possible.

As educators, we are always in search of making learning fun and meaningful. Accessing information today is quick and easy. Students can find answers to questions with a click of a button. However, a tour to a facility will be an enriching learning experience that will enhance their understanding and interest in Science and Technology."

Fotini Papachronis

Science teacher at Beurling Academy


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