Our Values

Early Exposure to Innovation

Most advances in research and development globally are destined for the industrial world. Let that sink in for a moment. If we are not exposed to the industrial world, we will not hear about innovations in math, science or other fields until it is too late.

Innovations are disruptive: they change the way we live. Our greatest goal is to awaken youth's entrepreneurial, scientific, diplomatic and artistic spirits to take on 21st century challenges. Big dreams require big exposure, where innovation is created.

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Gender Equity in STEM

We run a number of programs to inspire teenage girls from underprivileged areas with the world of STEMFor example:

+ NovaScience: The Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation supports our work arranging for underprivileged teenage girls to meet mentors at the frontlines of innovation in companies specialized in space, artificial intelligence, information technology, flight simulation, gaming and more.

+ Journey to the Heart of the Internet: This industry festival brings together Internet companies like Google, IBM and the QIX to inspire teenage girls with the underrepresented world of ICT. Where does Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp come from, anyways?

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De-Siloed Education

Every school subject relates to each other. Yet, teachers struggle building interdisciplinary programs that stand the test of time. All E2 Adventures programs touch on at least 6 of the following subjects:

Geography. Ethics. History. Languages. Contemporary World. Arts. Mathematics. Chemistry. Physics. Science and Technology.

Real-life experiences help departments collaborate better. This benefits students with a more cohesive and relevant education.


Lifelong Learning

Gemba Walks can be terrifying because participants discover how little they know about the world.

But Gemba Walks are always liberating. Participants learn just how large the world really is, and get a taste for just how much there remains to discover.


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