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The gap between education and the emerging needs of industry is increasing. Educators want to prepare their students for the future. Industry leaders are actively searching for people who can respond to complex problems and creatively apply knowledge in real-world environments. Let's work together to bridge that gap.

Ignite students' curiosity in how the world works
Show students real-world applications
Bridge the gap between education and industry
Inspire future leaders

Innovative programs that align with your
ESG strategy

More than ever before, schools around the world are embracing virtual education. Our innovative programs allow educators and their students to visit otherwise inaccessible places, interact with industry professionals, experience real-world technologies and better understand the infrastructure that drives industry—all from their classrooms, and all under an hour.

By partnering with E2, you will be part of the most innovative movement to revolutionize education. Help students understand what's happening in their world. Show them real-world applications of curriculum. Inspire tomorrow's leaders. We make it easy!

Easy participation

Collaborating with E2 is easy. We'll walk you through participating in a live event, step by step. And the technology is simple: all you need is an internet connection!

Measurable impact

Thousands of students participate in each of our educational programs, and we're working to reach 30,000 students with each program during the 2024-2025 school year.

Partnering with
innovative industry leaders

Partnering with E2 has been a game-changer for our organization. Their innovative programs have given our students a unique opportunity to connect with real-world industries and develop the skills they need for the future.

John Doe

CEO, XYZ Company


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